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For skis wider than 80 mm, traditional bindings systems make the skier work harder for the same performance. Marker and Völkl developed the iPT Wideride system with a contact surface width 30% greater than standard. On top of that, the binding is mounted significantly closer to the edge of the ski. This helps the energy flow more directly and continuously to the edges. They make wider skis more agile, responsive and easier to control. The skis are better in tune with the skier’s signals and application of pressure and edge for a precise and powerful characteristic. The rMOTION bindings system was developed by Marker and Völkl especially for the new RACETIGER GS SPEEDWALL and SL SPEEDWALL models. Just like in the World Cup, the rMotion ensures the broadest possible contact surface – using a race plate – for optimal power transfer. The free-gliding plate is fixed beneath the skier’s heel for more punch at the end of the turn. The 4Motion is the first binding system to offer full compatibility with the i.roc concept from Dalbello. Our developers created 3Motion as an integral component of the Powergrip construction, where the rails are separated in the middle to provide for a soft, even ski flex. Toe and heel pieces are mounted from above without screws, meaning that the binding is mounted directly above the edges – relatively far to the outside – atfour contact points. The direct connection improves the transfer of power to the edges and the system allows the skier to initiate turns with even less effort.


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