Marlon Johnson

Name: Marlon Johnson

Gender: Male 

Nickname: MJ 

Ski: Volkl Wall 

Discipline: Park 

Top Results: 


* 2nd Remarks TRIC Slopestyle #1

* 3rd Remarks TRIC Slopestyle #2

* 3rd Uni Snow Games Slopestyle

* 16th Junior Worlds Slopestyle

* 17th New Zealand Open Slopestyle

Date of Birth: September 21st 1990

Nationality: New Zealander

Home: Queenstown

Hobbies: Skiing during the winter in Queenstown, surfing during the semesters in Dunedin, and skateboarding, wakeboarding, and moisting in the sun during the summer.

Motto: Don’t really have one but…. You aint doing it unless your throughing it. Wisdom and magic!

Sponsors: Volkl, Marker, Delbello, Scott

What is your favorite ski in the Collection? Definitely the wall, it is a ski perfectly designed for the park with a symmetrical side cut and a solid core design for those heavy landings.

What conditions do you use this ski for? Sunny blue-sky days with a perfectly groomed park.

What about bindings? What bindings do you use? And where do you mount them? The Jester pro mounted in the center to suit the symmetrical ski design and riding switch.

What DIN do you have your bindings on? About twelve usually to hold me in!




Favorite skier: Tee-dub, Tom Wallisch, Wally, Wulnuts, and Matt Soundy!¡!¡

Ski hero growing up: Tom Wallisch but broke through into the scene when I first started skiing park at 17 so he was an inspiration, although I was pretty grown by then.

Home mountain: Remarkables, NZ

Height: 6’3’’ – 190cm

Ideal day in the mountains: Fresh snow is always so much fun but seldom do we get a good dumping in New Zealand. So other then new snow would be a light dusting overnight to be freshly groomed leaving a crispy park for a blue-sky day with some good company.

How would you describe your style: A mix of catching the lanky gene and compensating with a baggy look. Its something few have and all want, through time on snow and perfecting movements to look easy.

Your biggest breakthrough in your skiing career: I’ve had a couple breaks but am lacking the through. What has helped me the most was my gap year where I just worked and skied in New Zealand and then was able to travel to the northern hemisphere for their winter. As well as this is the passion that everyone shares in our sport that just drives us to keep going, its something about that white stuff! My best accomplishment has been getting to compete in the junior worlds in 2010, placing 16th.

Favorite place to ride: This would have to be Remarkable this season as opening day was pretty incredible with the snow coverage. Although Breckenridge has an amazing set up over there and I would love to go back again sometime soon.

Best snow trip: Nine of us kiwi boys went over to Breck for six weeks in 2011 and rented two condos right next to each other. We were situated 500 meters away from the base of peak 8, which is the main park lift and just had a great combination of personalities. It was quite an eventful trip, heaps of laughs, and lots of skiing. It was a blast and I made it back in one piece that proved to be difficult for the two prior trips. What cant you live without: I could not live without food. I really enjoy food, luckily I enjoy exercising or activities that involve some sort of work to keep me healthy.

Favorite phone App: Well that’s tricky, the old Samsung something rather doesn’t quite have those fancy capabilities.

Goals and plans: Finish my degree would be a good goal to start off with. This season I just plan to explore the possibilities and opportunities that I have at hand. There is no point setting goals that are not achievable, but I have put a bit of work into rehab and my general fitness so that I am able ski well and push myself. This being said I plan to ski as much as I can and put in some time on a trampoline so that I can possibly try a few new tricks this year. It looks to be setting up to be a pretty good winter!


About me:

My name is Marlon Johnson, I’m 22 years old and grew up in Christchurch until my parents decided to take my sister and I to Indonesia, and then Thailand. My Parents are both P.E. teachers overseas. I was there from year 3 to year 11 before deciding to come back to New Zealand to finish off my schooling and do some more skiing. From my experiences overseas I have learnt to adapt, appreciate people and cultures from around the world, and create friends in many countries across the world. I started skiing when I was 3 years old. I began racing with the Queenstown Alpine Ski Team at age 10 and continued for 5 years until I began to lose interest, and my skateboarding (freestyle) instincts took over. I have now been competing in slopestyle competitions for 5 years on and off with two knee injuries. I enjoy making edits and learning new tricks all day everyday up on the mountain.


I am based in Dunedin and am studying to gain a Bachelor of Commerce degree in marketing and management with just one semester to go! It has been hard trying to balance skiing and studying but hopefully I can push through and do what I want to do. If not studying i’ll be skiing, skateboarding, surfing, or eat.

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