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Secret 80

Secret 80

Skiing is about one thing above all else: fun. And the Secret 80 is a fantastic option for anybody looking for a ski which makes it easy to initiate turns and provides effortless power transfer. Its multi-layer wood core and full sidewall give it its performance, while its 3D.Glass construction makes it forgiving. A 3D radius sidecut makes this ski surprisingly adept at different kinds of curves. It’s agile on tight corners and remains composed and stable on big, wide turns. The Secret 80 is all about fun AND performance, on the piste and off it – the latter especially if the snow is soft and irresistible.


SIDECUT 121_80_103

Length   R1      R2     R3

147 cm (16 m 11 m 14 m)

154 cm (18 m 13 m 16 m)

161 cm (19 m 14 m 17 m)

168 cm (21 m 15 m 19 m)

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