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Secret 102

Secret 102

The Secret with 102 mm center width has always been the freeride ski for the extreme. The Secret 102 is built with Tailored Carbon Tips and Tailored Titanal Frame. This makes it even more agile and the turn initiation works much smoother despite the large ski width. Due to the construction, the desired handling characteristics can be influenced with accurate precision, the ski simply works much more precisely. The Tip & Tail Rocker construction increases the turning ability and provides lift in powder. But even if the deep snow isn't as deep as desired, if the terrain is rough or the slope leading off-piste is rather hard, the 3D Radius Sidecut in combination with the Titanal construction ensures great reliability and sportiness for all these conditions. 

For experienced all-mountain freeride women who really challenge their ski in the backcountry, the Secret with 102 mm is the very first choice. 


SIDECUT 142_102_124

Length  R1       R2     R3

156 cm (20 m 13 m 19 m)

163 cm (23 m 14 m 21 m)

170 cm (26 m 16 m 23 m)

177 cm (28 m 18 m 26 m)

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