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Rise Beyond 96W

Rise Beyond 96W

The Rise Beyond 96 is available in four different lengths. With its tip rocker, the widest model in our women’s touring collection delivers fantastic flotation, even on the softest powder descents. A lightweight, multi-layer wood core in combination with a carbon tip shovel enables a very light (< 1,262 g @ 170 cm) and resilient build, which makes these skis a reliable partner on long ascents. Thanks to its 3D radius construction, this lively ski is a pleasure to use on wide, open powder turns and in narrow passages where agility is required.


SIDECUT 138_96_119

Length R1 R2 R3

156 cm (17 m 12 m 16 m)

163 cm (19 m 14 m 18 m)

170 cm (22 m 16 m 20 m)

177 cm (24 m 17 m 22 m)

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