M6 Mantra

M6 Mantra

The ideal ONE ski for every situation that can be used anywhere and everywhere. The remodeled M6 features a powerful and supportive all-mountain set up with Tailored Titinal frame per length, Tailored Carbon tips per length, all built around a multi layer wood core, full sidewall body.


The dimensions feature moderate taper tip and tail rocker, allowing the skier to ride the ski in a playful way or with full force whenever needed. Finally, 3D radius sidecut technology lifts the carving performance of M6 into another dimension.


SIDECUT 135_96_119




163 cm (24 m 14 m 20 m)

170 cm (27 m 16 m 22 m)

177 cm (30 m 18 m 24 m)

184 cm (32 m 19 m 26 m)

191 cm (35 m 21 m 28 m)



• Tailored Carbon Tips

• 3D Radius Sidecut

• Tailored Titanal Frame

• Full Sidewall

• Base: P-Tex 2100

• Base structure: Brushed structure



Multilayer Woodcore



Marker Jester 100

Griffon 100