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Racetiger GS

Racetiger GS

World Cup legend for long, high-speed radii at maximum edge pressure


Introduced in 1970 as the Renntiger, no other Völkl epitomises performance and success quite like the Racetiger. If you love super-fast, long turns with plenty of pressure on the edges, there’s not really any alternative. 

The Racetiger GS features Tailored Carbon Tips. Tailor-made carbon fibres allow the ski to be adapted to exactly the things it’s going to be used for. The strength and alignment of the fibres define the force you need to apply and the energy that builds up in exactly the right places, which means agile shovel reaction with a precise response the moment you initiate a turn. When you steer it, the GS feels ultra-precise and controlled, and you need less power to do so. 

Its characteristics are due to a discreetly shortened and flattened tip rocker and, most especially, its changed geometry, whose radius has been reduced by two metres. A narrower waist means more dynamic skiing and faster edge changes. Not only that, but the Racetiger GS is now available under 170 cm long – 168 cm to be precise. 

SIDECUT 115_67_98


168 cm (15.4 m)

173 cm (16.4 m)

178 cm (17.5 m)

183 cm (18.6 m)

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