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Rise Up 82W

Rise Up 82W

The Rise Up 82 W is designed for people who like to set out whatever the conditions and enjoy everything that touring has to offer. It’s aimed at women who are always on the lookout for untouched snow and who treat ski touring as a form of meditation. Once they have found it, the Rise Up 82 W offers ample reward on the ascent. Its narrower waist and hybrid multi-layer wood core reduce its weight for lighter ascents, but are rugged enough to handle everything that varied descents have to throw at it. A 3D radius sidecut along the whole length of the ski make it incredibly versatile, because it can cope with very varied radii, depending on how you apply pressure at the edges. The Rise Up 82 W is basically built for ascending, but its potential for descending shouldn’t be underestimated, especially on hard snow.


SIDECUT 125_82_105

Length R1 R2 R3

149 cm (19 m 11 m 16 m)

156 cm (21 m 12 m 17 m)

163 cm (23 m 14 m 20 m)

170 cm (26 m 15 m 22 m)

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