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Blaze 82w

Blaze 82w

The women's version of the Blaze 82 with the teal in the name is a super lightweight and agile all-mountain freeride ski for ambitious beginners. They will benefit from its low weight as well as its fantastic performance. Cruising on the slopes is where this ski is meant to be. 
The relatively narrow center width in combination with the 3D Radius Sidecut enables a sporty, agile skiing style and at the same time ensures that the Blaze can be turned without great force even at lower speeds. The smooth riding characteristics are supported by the suspension tips & tails which we integrated in this model for the first time. The inserts of elastic material dampen snow contact at the ski tips and work like a bumper, especially in changing snow conditions.
The Blaze 82 teal is also highly recommended for every occasional ski tourer. Equipped with the appropriate binding, the ski is versatile and can be used for touring. And thanks to its low weight, the ascent is no problem. 

The Blaze 82 teal is available in four lengths from 146 to 166 cm and is therefore now also suitable for a younger target group. 


SIDECUT 125_82_107

Length   R1      R2      R3

146 cm (18 m 10 m 15 m)

152 cm (20 m 11 m 17 m)

159 cm (22 m 12 m 19 m)

166 cm (25 m 13 m 21 m)

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