Volkl Freestyle


Skis that, although at home on the groomed runs, are designed for the adventurous skier who will ski anywhere on the mountain. For those who live to ski and ski to live.

Skis that support adventures on-piste, off-piste and in the big mountain arena.

Völkl have found the formula that optimises performance, floatation, ultimate control, playful dynamics and versatility on and in any terrain.



For skiers who demand a lively and reliable ski with great performance that fulfils all requirements on any given day, on any given slope and in any given conditions.

Völkl and reinvented and redefined the most successful Titinal powered ski collection of Mantra M6 for men, and Kenja 88 for women.

Each of these skis feature waist widths and construction technologies for the biggest days and best lines.