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Blaze 82w vMotion

Blaze 82w vMotion

A center width of 82 mm defines the range of the all-mountain ski with tip & tail rocker and also great performance on groomed slopes. The Blaze 82 is recommended for the ambitious beginners and intermediates who have fallen in love with skiing and who are looking for the right ski for plenty of fun in the entire ski area. Thanks to the 3D Radius sidecut and full sidewall, the ski impresses with its maneuverability at all speeds as well as in tight turns - ideal even in packed snow or in narrow passages. This is also supported by the Suspension Tips & Tails exclusively installed in the Blaze. The elastic inserts dampen snow contact at the ski tips acting like a bumper, especially in changing snow conditions.
The tip-to-tail wood core in the Blaze 82 is made of particularly light and stiff wood types, which allows us to build the ski impressively light. Increased dynamics and stability are thus guaranteed! The low weight also extends the range of use of the ski for touring. To beginners who are looking for the one ski for all occasions, this is the real deal!

With available lengths from 159 to 180 cm, the Blaze 82 is designed for an extremely wide target group, the sister model Blaze 82 teal vmotion is even available with 146 cm. Additionally the Blaze 82 beige vmotion, has the premounted plate, for an easy installation of the binding.


SIDECUT 125_82_107

Length   R1      R2     R3

146 cm (18 m 10 m 15 m)

152 cm (20 m 11 m 17 m)

159 cm (22 m 12 m 19 m)

166 cm (25 m 13 m 21 m)

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