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Blaze 86W

Blaze 86W

The Blaze 86 builds on what the other models are known for: lightness, versatility and agility. Because there is no Titanal, the ski is a bit more sprightly and also a bit lighter. The Blaze 86 is designed for quick, tight turns, although the sidecut’s three different radii also master demanding terrain, speed and long, drawn-out curves. Suspension tips and tails give the ski composure, increase flotation and protect the ski off-piste. The Blaze 86 is a great ski touring option for backcountry ladies who are happy to accept 100 g of extra weight in exchange for a much improved skiing experience. Built around a light, high-performance, full tip-to-tail wood core, it can handle ascents and makes descending a pleasure (except if the snow is too deep). A highly versatile technological setup which gives the Blaze 86 an intuitive feel and an unusual level of creativity.


SIDECUT 129_86_111

Length   R1      R2      R3

146 cm (18 m 10 m 15 m)

152 cm (20 m 11 m 17 m)

159 cm (22 m 12 m 19 m)

166 cm (25 m 13 m 21 m)

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