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Rise Above 88W

Rise Above 88W

The Rise Above 88 W is the first choice for demanding female alpinists for whom ascents and descents are equally important. The most versatile ski in the Rise line, it’s light enough for a swift ascent yet stable enough for any downhill conditions, whether icy, wind-blown or powdery. Its multi-layer wood core is light and provides an impressive combination of minimal weight (1,186 g at 170 cm) and stability. The 3D radius design is especially useful in constantly changing high alpine conditions such as narrow passages and high speeds. A narrower waist underfoot and moderate shaping in the tip and tail minimise effort when skiing. 
The Rise Above 88 W is a touring ski that takes the ups and the downs in its stride.


SIDECUT 131_88_111

Length R1 R2 R3

149 cm (19 m 11 m 16 m)

156 cm (20 m 12 m 17 m)

163 cm (22 m 14 m 19 m)

170 cm (25 m 15 m 22 m)

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