Deacon 74

Deacon 74

The steeper the better ! Turns are fast and creative – some tight, some long - all over the mountain all the time. Made for maximum speed and precision while giving the freedom to create and define the turn shape the skier wants.

Deacon 74 redefines the way skiers will experience the slopes. It unites an ultra-competitive feel with a playful concept allowing super high-end agility in tight turns with maximum creativity in turn shapes.

The new 3D UVO shock absorber at the tip makes for an incredibly smooth ride, and the integrated race concept binding plate provides the required power transfer to the 74mm waisted tip and tail rockered deck.


SIDECUT 125_74_104



163 cm (14.0 m)

168 cm (15.0 m)

173 cm (16.0 m)

178 cm (17.0 m)



• UVO 3D

• 3D.Glass

• Full Sidewall

• Full Titanall

• Plate System: rMotion2

• Base: P-Tex 4504



Speedwall Multilayer Woodcore

Poplar / Beech, 70 / 30



rMotion 12 GW Black

rMotion 16 GW