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Deacon 76 Black

Deacon 76 Black

The Deacon 76 Pro with tip & tail rocker redefines the way you experience the slopes. This ski unites an ultra-competitive with a playful concept and allows you to ski long, sharp turns and top speed with maximum creativity. The 3D.Glass construction with speedwall mulitlayer wood core and powered by Titanium comes with a full sidewall and a P-Tex 4504 base. The new UVO 3D makes for an incredibly smooth ride. 

The rMotion2 binding perfectly fits the ski's riding characteristics and delivers great power transfer. Of course it is GripWalk-compatible. 

In the Pro version the Deacon comes with World Cup approved race finish with 0,8° edging on the base and 87,6° on the sides. For maximum freedom and maximum performance it comes with a pre-mounted  10 mm Marker World Cup plate. 


Sidecut: 122_76_103


Length and Radius

  • 171 (17.2)
  • 176 (18.3)
  • 181 (19.4)



  • 2270 g* @ 176 w binding
  • UVO 3D
  • 3D.Glass
  • Powered by Titanium
  • Full Sidewall
  • Base: P-Tex 4504
  • Speedwall Multil. Woodcore
  • poplar/beech 70/30



  • rMotion2 12 GW
  • rMotion2 16 GW
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