Deacon 80

Deacon 80

For the skier in search of control and guaranteed performance in all snow conditions. Deacon 80 combines versatility with performance, edge grip and manoeuvrability for advancing, playful skiing styles on all runs, on hard snow conditions and fresh snow deliveries up to 20cm. A combination of new 3D technologies lift the performance of this new ski to broaden its performance spectrum and cater to the requirements of aspiring intermediate skiers through to advanced all terrain skiers. For skiers who don’t want compromise.


SIDECUT 128_80_111




Length R1 R2 R3

162 cm (20 m 12 m 17 m)

167 cm (21 m 13 m 18 m)

172 cm (23 m 14 m 19 m)

177 cm (24 m 15 m 21 m)

182 cm (26 m 16 m 22 m)



• 3D.Ridge

• 3D.Glass

• Full Sidewall

• 3D Radius Sidecut

• Glass Frame

• Binding System Lowride XL

• Powered by Steel

• Base: P-Tex 2100



3D Full Sensor Woodcore



Lowride XL 13 FR Demo GW