Deacon 84

Deacon 84

The Deacon 84 skis aswell on icy slopes as on fresh snow, bringing a smile to the face of experienced skiers. The integrated Titanal Frame delivers power and stability, the new LowRide XL binding with GripWalk allows great power transfer due to the extra low standheight. The ski comes with Full Sidewall and a P-Tex 4504 base. The 3D.Ridge construction Powered by Titanium combined with 3D.Glass also increases the power transfer and higher torsional stiffnes, an improved edge grip and better liveliness. The new 3D radius concept lifts the carving performance of the ski into another dimension.  

The ideal onpiste carver for changing snow conditions.


Sidecut: 132_84_115


Lengths and Radius

  • 162 [R1(17), R2(12), R3(20)]*1
  • 167 [R1(18), R2(13), R3(21)]*1
  • 172 [R1(19), R2(14), R3(23)]*1
  • 177 [R1(21), R2(15), R3(24)]*1
  • 182 [R1(22), R2(16), R3(26)]*1



  • 3094 g* @ 177 w binding
  • 3D.Ridge
  • 3D.Glass
  • Titanal Frame
  • 3D Radius Sidecut
  • Full Sidewall
  • Base: P-Tex 4504
  • 3D Full SensorWoodCore



  • Lowride XL 13 FR Demo GW

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