Deacon 84

Deacon 84

This award winning, high end model is ideal for carving on hard on-piste snow, and transitioning through mixed and changing snow packs. Deacon 84 delivers on the steep runs, on hard snow conditions and in fresh snow deliveries up to 20cm.


Built for the skier in search of speed, acceleration and ultra high performance on any terrain, Deacon 84 is the ‘everyday’ ski that combines performance, edge grip, and power  for an aggressive yet playful skiing style.


The integrated Titinal Frame delivers power and stability, and the new LowRide integrated binding system allows for excellent power transmission due to the extra 10mm lower stand height.

3D FiberGlass and 3D Ridge construction combine to increase power transfer and improve edge grip and liveliness. Finally, 3D radius sidecut technology lifts the carving performance of the ski into another dimension.






Length R1 R2 R3

162 cm (20 m 12 m 17 m)

167 cm (21 m 13 m 18 m)

172 cm (23 m 14 m 19 m)

177 cm (24 m 15 m 21 m)

182 cm (26 m 16 m 22 m)



• 3D.Ridge

• 3D.Glass

• Full Sidewall

• 3D Radius Sidecut

• Titanal Frame

• Binding System Lowride XL

• Base: P-Tex 4504

• Base structure: Zebra structure



Multilayer Woodcore



Lowride XL 13 FR Demo GW