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Peregrine V-Werks

Peregrine V-Werks

Just when you think it can’t get any better, the Völkl R&D team proves you wrong – as they have with the Peregrine V.WERKS edition. 
The premium model with 84 mm under the boot and a weight of just 1,830 grams (177 cm length w/o binding) features Völkl’s innovative tailored carbon tips and tails. Never before has it been possible to distribute power so precisely to the areas under the most load while retaining a ski’s full dynamism and agility. The carbon fibres do not constitute a uniform fleece but are arranged instead across the body of the ski using a stitching process, with their orientation and strength tuned to the requirements of each point on the ski. The way a ski behaves is determined very much by the properties of its tip and tail, so they are the areas with the most carbon fibres. The result is remarkably agile, responsive performance on any slope, with minimal effort. 
The ski is built using our innovative 3D radius sidecut technology. This makes it possible to optimally tailor the tip and tail rocker design to the three interconnecting radii for excellent smoothness and stability at the highest speeds and in demanding piste conditions. 
To increase the power transmission and shock absorption qualities even further, the Peregrine V.WERKS comes with a 0.7 mm thick Titanal frame that surrounds the most stressed tip and tail areas. This highly complex technical structure produces a completely new combination of liveliness and speed stability. 

SIDECUT 132_84_115

Length R1       R2      R3

167 cm (21 m 13 m 18 m)

172 cm (23 m 14 m 19 m)

177 cm (24 m 15 m 21 m)

182 cm (25 m 16 m 22 m)

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