Deacon V-Werks

Deacon V-Werks

A cutting edge “Custom Series ski for all mountain skiing at its best!

Exclusively using carbon, aramids and titinal, Deacon V-Werks is a ultra lightweight, high performance, super responsive ski.


Highly versatile, incredibly powerful, super lightweight ski using everything modern ski technology and construction has to offer.


The integrated Titinal frame delivers power and stability, and the new LowRide integrated binding allows for excellent power transmission due to the extra 10mm lower stand height.

3D Glass and 3D Ridge construction combine with overuse of carbon and aramid materials to increase power transfer and improve edge grip and liveliness. Finally, 3D radius sidecut technology lifts the carving performance of the ski into another dimension.


SIDECUT 132_84_115


Length R1 R2 R3

167 cm (21 m 13 m 18 m)

172 cm (23 m 14 m 19 m)

177 cm (24 m 15 m 21 m)

182 cm (26 m 16 m 22 m)



• Tailored Carbon Tips & Tails

• 3D.Ridge

• Full Sidewall

• 3D Radius Sidecut

• Titanal Frame

• Binding System Lowride XL

• Base: P-Tex 4504



3D Hybrid Multilayer Woodcore



Lowride XL 13 FR

VWerks Demo GW