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Flair SC

Flair SC

The Flair SC comes with a subtle tip rocker and a thin layer of steel. This makes it impressively maneuverable and at the same time very sportive,  agile and easy to control. The full sidewall also provides power transmission without demanding too much force from the rider. The material mix in the construction simply ensures a super balanced skiing on all slopes. The Flair SC especially impresses in short turns. 

Intermediates and advanced female skiers will love the Flair SC, as it can be skied easily and at the same time sportive all day long, like on hard slopes in the morning and in the afternoon on rather soft snow. Depending on the mood and plan of the day, this ski can nicely handle challenging terrain but it is also made for relaxed carving. The Flair SC is simply a reliable partner in any conditions.


SIDECUT 124_73_103


153 cm (12.0 m)

158 cm (12.9 m)

163 cm (13.9 m)

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