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Mantra 108

Mantra 108

A waist width of 108 mm and a Titanal frame for the experienced and highly athletic freerider. If you like going really steep and fast off-piste, you’ll quickly appreciate the stability and shock absorption offered by the 0.7 mm thick Titanal frame that surrounds the highly stressed tip and tail areas. A 0.3 mm Titanal sheet in the binding area furthermore provides the necessary rigidity. With 108 mm under the boot, the ski delivers maximum flotation, even in deep powder. 
 In combination with the Titanal frame and carbon tips, the integrated 3D radius sidecut allows precise power transmission and a smooth ride coupled with uncompromising liveliness and turning behaviour such as never before experienced with Titanal skis!

SIDECUT 146_108_129

Length   R1      R2     R3

170 cm (32 m 16 m 30 m)

177 cm (36 m 18 m 32 m)

184 cm (39 m 19 m 34 m)

191 cm (44 m 21 m 36 m)

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