Mantra 102

3 radius for an impressive freeride adventure


The new Mantra 102 with tip & tail rocker is a true power freerider. The titanal frame combined with carbon tips not only provides stability and dampening effects but also great liveliness. But the real highlight is the 3D radius concept. It allows a sidecut geometry which perfectly suits the rocker construction. Depending on the rider's speed or edge angle the effective edge becomes longer or shorter and the matching sidecut radius provides hold, maneouverability and smooth running.


Sidecut: 140_102_123


Length and Radius

  • 170 [R1(22), R2(17), R3(23)]*1
  • 177 [R1(24), R2(19), R3(26)]*1
  • 184 [R1(25), R2(20), R3(27)]*1
  • 191 [R1(28), R2(22), R3(30)]*1



  • 2140 g* @ 177
  • Titanal Frame
  • 3D Radius Sidecut
  • Carbon Tips
  • Full Sidewall
  • Base: P-Tex 2100
  • Multi Layer Woodcore



  • MARKER Jester Pro 120
  • Jester 110
  • Griffon 110

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