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Racetiger RC Red / Black

Racetiger RC Red / Black

You like it fast and prefer wider radii on groomed slopes. Competition isn't really your thing, but you love to race. Medium to really long turns bring tears of joy to your eyes? Then this is your ski! The Racetiger RC with a titanal band and a tailored, slightly wider carbon shovel impresses with its smoothness and balance as well as its turning ability. The RC, which is surprisingly easy to ski for experienced skiers, is the all-rounder among the race skis. It follows you to the limit in split seconds, but anytime you want to take it a little more gentle, for example at the end of the day, this ski is amazingly easy to turn at lower speeds too. Carving pleasure at its best! 


SIDECUT 123_68_102


158 cm (11.8 m)

165 cm (13.9 m)

172 cm (15.3 m)

179 cm (16.8 m)

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