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Racetiger SL Master

Racetiger SL Master

The faster the turn, the bigger the adrenaline rush


The Racetiger SL Master knows no compromises and is the most specialised ski in our collection (with the exception of the racing skis). Equipped with Völkl’s current technologies for the slopes, it leaves nothing to be desired and offers magnificent possibilities for high-performance on-piste skiing. Two main factors in this regard are the tailored carbon tips and the full ash core, which was previously reserved for our WC line. To precisely control the torsion in the shovel area, Völkl established a complex process to embroider carbon fibres onto a fleece – the tailored carbon tip. The result is direct and precise tip response on a previously unachieved level, as well as a whole diffrent level of energy build-up the moment you begin to turn. Due to the full ash core, the energy generated is distributed over the entire length of the ski and released at the end of the turn. A short tip rocker, full Titanal, full sidewall, 3D.Glass construction and P-Tex 4505 race base complete this high performance model. With only 67 mm under the boot, a 12.6 m radius and the pre-mounted 10 mm World Cup plate, the impressively agile Racetiger SL Master is built for the tightest, shortest and most precise turns you can imagine – done at high speeds.


SIDECUT 125_67_102


155 cm (11.2 m)

165 cm (12.8 m)

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