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Revolt 104

Revolt 104

This is the second ski to come from the Built Together Team. And as before, hours, days and months of testing preceded the final design. Beneath the fantastic creatures and spirit animals lies a tip and tail rocker ski with full sidewall, 3D radius sidecut and a durable P-Tex 2100 base. 

“... Jibbing, jumping kickers, or out in the backcountry – the Revolt 104 is fun wherever you take it and extremely versatile as well. The graphics are fantastic too and they never get boring, because you keep discovering new things in them,” says Paddy Graham. Enough said.


SIDECUT 132_104_122

Length  R1      R2      R3

172 cm (22 m 17 m 19 m)

180 cm (24 m 19 m 22 m)

188 cm (27 m 21 m 25 m)

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