Revolt 104

Revolt 104

A one of a kind big mountain Freeride / backcountry freestyle ski.

Whether jibbing in the backcountry, the Revolt is extremely versatile and simply a whole lot of fun no matter where it is used.


The playfulness of the tip and tail combine sweetly with a stability underfoot o\provideing a unique platform from which to switch skiing styles from had pack, through chop to powder.


SIDECUT 132_104_122




Length R1 R2 R3

172 cm (22 m 17 m 19 m)

180 cm (24 m 19 m 22 m)

188 cm (27 m 21 m 25 m)



• 3D Radius Sidecut

• Full Sidewall / Mini Cap

• Twin Tip

• Base: P-Tex 2100

• Base structure: Brushed structure



Multilayer Woodcore



Marker rec. Royal Family