Revolt 104

Revolt 104

For all kinds of freestyle terrain, whether it be Park, piste or in the backcountry. One ski for every kind of freestyle skiing.

Whether jibbing in the backcountry, the Revolt is extremely versatile and simply a whole lot of fun no matter where it is used. With a midbody camber and tip and tail rocker profile, Revolt 104 is perfect in all conditions from hard pack to powder. They rail easily on groomed terrain when put on edge , smear and pivot smoothly in mixed snow and float in powder, and are super stable when landing anything from any height. The Revolt 104 is destined to become another legendary Volkl !!


SIDECUT 132_104_122



Length R1 R2 R3

172 cm (22 m 17 m 19 m)

180 cm (24 m 19 m 22 m)

188 cm (27 m 21 m 25 m)



• 3D Radius Sidecut

• Full Sidewall

• Base: P-Tex 2100



Multilayer Woodcore



Marker rec. Royal Family