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Secret 96

Secret 96

Take a pinch of the powder-loving Secrets 102, add a little of the Secret 88’s piste expertise, and you get the deliciously versatile combination of the Secret 96. These next-generation skis are characterised by increased stability, liveliness and maneuverability and offer even more versatility for an exciting experience on and off the groomers. The secret to their enhanced performance lies in Völkl’s innovations: the Tailored Titanal Frame ensures stability, while the Tailored Carbon Tips provide responsiveness. In contrast to its predecessor, the Secret 96 uses 4 Radius Drive design – an advanced development of the proven 3D Radius Sidecut and an innovation from Völkl that is not yet found in any other model.  With this technology, Völkl sets a new benchmark for the ability to vary the turn radius to combine easy handling with rock-solid stability. Maximum versatility for various snow conditions both on piste and off piste, with increased stability on hard surfaces and improved performance on soft snow. And a 96 mm waist can cope with almost any depth of snow without impairing performance in either direction. If you’re the type of person who’s ready to embrace almost any conditions, then the Secret 96 is the ski for you. 


SIDECUT 139_96_121

Length   R1     R2      R3         R4

149 cm (21 m 33 m 10.8 m 14 m)

156 cm (22 m 35 m 12.2 m 16 m)

163 cm (23 m 37 m 13.7 m 18 m)

170 cm (24 m 38 m 15.2 m 20 m)

177 cm (25 m 40 m 16.8 m 22 m)

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